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Hi there i am a very sexual bottom that loves to collect celebrity dildoes,  now i am wondering if chad douglas has ever created a dildo of his beautiful manhood.  I think he was very sexy in his prime and i would sure love to have his toy to treasure for my lifetime.  Can anyone tell me if there ever was one made of him?????
please somebody tell me as soon as possible and if so where can i purchase it.????

charlie creek

Registered: 10/26/09
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As you probably already know... Most of Chad Douglas' (aka Martin Cox) films were put out by Falcon Studios. They of course have the "SuperCock" line with dildos modeled after their stars. Unfortunately he left porn in the mid 1980's and passed away in 1999. While it's possible that falcon made a mold of his manhood... I tend to doubt it.

They don't seem to like to keep up with their toy manufacturing. Or even DVD manufacturing. Rumor is that they are looking to get out of the DVD market altogether.
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